Left Wing Lea

Never Trumper

"As a lifelong Republican, I can not overlook his racist and sexist comments" - Lea Marquez Peterson, October 9, 2016.

Instead of supporting Trump, the GOP nominee for President, Lea Marquez Peterson campaigned AGAINST President Trump in the most disturbing way. Left Wing Lea chose to VICIOUSLY ATTACK President Trump, to the benefit of Hillary Clinton. Let that sink in. 

Opposed Prop 1070

She criticizes SB1070 and agrees with the premise that conventions are being canceled as a result of SB 1070. You can judge for yourself but based on the comments from the person who put the convention cancelation study together it seems it is not a very sound or scientific study. Lea lends her credence to this attempt by the left to thwart SB 1070. If she were a true conservative she would have stayed away from this organization and would not have lent her name and time to supporting their efforts.

Lea Marquez Peterson -- filed for bankruptcy in 2005

Marquez Peterson filed for bankruptcy in 2005 after racking up more than $3.2m in debt against just $100k in assets. [Tucson Weekly, 6/16/2005]  Left Wing Lea failed as a businesswoman.

Loves DACA, Illegal Immigration and Amnesty

Clearly she is not interested halting illegal immigration or government meddling. 

​Left Wing Lea released a column titled "A Latina CEO’s Perspective.” just after Trump’s first week in office where she attacked Trump's America First Agenda. 

“He’s (Trump) been in office for seven days and many of his recent actions disproportionately impact Arizona citizens,” she wrote. “It is vitally important that our state engage in the discussion and debate … I read with concern about the building of the ‘great wall’ and a potential 20 percent tariff on Mexican goods … on one hand, this will bring construction jobs to Arizona's border, but what does this do to U.S. relations and our growing business relationships with our partner, Mexico?” 

That is just the beginning of Left Wing Lea's left wing tendencies. 
  • In favor of Common Core
  • Hangs out with Kyrsten Sinema (Democrat congresswoman running for U.S. Senate)
  • Hangs out with LaRaza
  • Hangs out with Jeff Flake and John McCain
  • Hangs out with the Mexican Consul
  • Hangs out with Democrat Congressman Ron Barber
  • Called Trump a racist and a sexist
  • Hanging out with the former President of Mexico